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Web 3 Ai Metaverse & CBDC Crypto are the Future..
Participate & Earn 1% weekly with Zero Knowledge of Trading.

All Trading Done For You..
Crypto Pools are Simple, Safe & Secure.
Earning / Partnering is as easy as
"Pick & Click" / "Copy & Paste"

"A6G" High Probability Crypto🚀Pools with 99% buyback principal protection makes lowering debt service easy..

Great for Individuals or Small Business..

Start a Crypto🚀 Pool Today..

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Bitcoin Tower

Our Visio

A New Paradigm of Ecosystems, Where Privacy & Earning Money Globally is Simple, Safe & Secure.

Get To Know Us..

You would be hard pressed to believe a small group of virtual unknowns could amass, harness & access the same algorithmic new technology that Banks, Broker & Institutions are struggling to understand, regulate & adopt...

No we are not talking about FTX fraudsters, Youtube influencers or greedy celebrity hyped projects..

The future belongs to the middle class & GenZ...


"Web 3" Metaverse Digital Assets will help level the financial field with a new paradigm mindset & Initiative that gives access & allows realistic returns on hard earned money to anyone anywhere on the planet... 

Our Mission:

Create simple, safe & secure members only investment club websites with global reach & access to high probability returns in digital assets with focus on loyalty & privacy our goal.


Our Culture:

Simplify earning within the Web 3 Metaverse fostered by free lance experienced traders, marketing experts & community leaders engaging betterment for individuals & small business operators.


RoGo Blue Wave Initiative" LLC has created a first to market members only guaranteed  1% weekly passive income payout program with 99% buyback principal protection for 75 FCFS "2023" First Generation Members..

New Paradigm Group Concierge service can lower your debt service with customized Crypto, Stock, Forex & Binary Option Pools from $500 - $5000+...

“Never lose a minute of sleep”

Join today for a better next week!.. 

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