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Wow sounds too good is "A6G" Rogo Club Legal? 

Our parent company RoGo Blue Wave Initiative LLC. Duplicates what your broker, bank or money manager does using the same algorithmic methodologies to capture the same returns without the bricks, mortar or expensive legal staff and a bare bone operational staff allows respectable returns to be shared with its members.
Blue Wave Initiative is a New Paradigm Group member only company registered in the State of Florida as Rogo Blue Wave Initiative LLC. We take the legal status of our products very seriously and caution against any type of undermining attempts! Our websites are ​disruptive New Paradigm US digital asset based companies, and all of our products are operated 100% legally under United States and Canadian law. We do not allow residents of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, or Washington to participate in our products due to state-specific regulations. We also require our users to be 13 years of age or older using Cash App (19 in Alabama and Nebraska).

What is OPA?

RoGo Risk 1% Get 1% Club members use OPA as an acronym to describe how Other People's Apps and arbitrage can assist in lowering weekly debt service by earning higher interest on hard earned money with "OPAs" it also means jump in Greek or Grandpa!😳...

What are "Take or Stake" Crypto Pools?

Until regulations are put in place the Crypto sphere is the wild west, over 60% of projects are likely to fail or are out right scams, The Crypto projects and platforms chosen for Blue Wave Initiative have been carefully researched & validated by the websites Administrator Partner and are trusted names of publicly traded companies. The website's Administrator Partner earns 75% of the website's profit and is paid for performance.
Most projects chosen for Pools are Top 100 Mkt Cap. With some outlier projects which allow great high probability returns, Take or Stake Pools allow the option to "Take" daily, weekly or monthly payouts of posted pools or "Stake" each week's profit forward to whatever your own level of debt service is needed.

What Is Mymo / RoGo Club?

Mymo is an acronym for My Members Only, RoGo is an acronym for risk one % get one % return policy taken from our parent New Paradigm Group website Mymo 247 which offers the most aggressive lineup of 99% buyback protected products in the history passive investment.

Do I have access to my money?

Yes guaranteed time frame of products as described are paid out immediately.
Termination of memberships paid in 7 days.  

​How do I make a purchase?

RoGo Clubs accept Cash App, Google Pay, Dave, Moneylion, Bitcoin and most crypto currencies, For coin specific requests contact the regional website Administrator.

How do I view my purchases?

Purchase information can be obtained by the responsible Company or Institution.
A request for information regarding your purchases is available anytime by contacting your website Administrator Partner.

Is your proprietary indicator, handicapping or scaling method patented?

Not as yet and most of the scaling, leverage and handicapping methodologies used are well known by most expert Handicappers, Traders, Banks and Institutions.

How do "RoGo Club" investors benefit?

Investors benefit from low cost of website operations which contribute to strong returns, steady cash flow, a guaranteed maximum 1% drawdown, unprecedented access to exclusive high probability returns, lower investment minimums and the opportunity for increased diversification.

Are "RoGo Club" investments risky?

Yes, these investment pools are highly speculative.
All New Paradigm Group "RoGo Club" website Administrator / Partners are paid for performance, earn 75% of websites profitability & assume an unprecedented escrow backed fiduciary responsibility of maximum 1% drawdown accountability of all website maintenance of accounts, posted products & custom price point updates. 

Can I franchise a RoGo Club?
Administrator Partner Arbitrage Opportunities with New Paradigm Group websites are currently being accepted. A private placement offering is in progress and sometime in the future franchise opportunities may be available.

Our FAQS page is updated monthly, If you have any questions, comments, complaints or small print legal concerns please contact the region website Administrator/Partner.

                               “Cryptocurrency is The Future of Money”
                             Join Rogo Club today for a better next week
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